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Boys U13

2Niagara Falls Titans17122356272938
3Grimsby Griffins17100763303330
5Welland Wizards Red1761104464-2019
6St. Catharines Roma Wolves165293258-2617
7Fort Erie Sting1741122861-3313
8NOTL Rangers1740132376-5312

29 - Youssef ABDALA (NUSC)
10 - Danny LEWIS (NUSC)

Boys U14

1Thorold Cobras1414008157642
2Pelham Panthers1473434191524
3Welland Wizards Red147253427723
4Grimsby Griffins144372746-1915
5Niagara Falls Titans142392047-279
6Lincoln STORM1413101466-526

24 - Michael DIMAURIZIO (Thorold Cobras)
7 - John Lucas PAGNOTTA (Thorold Cobras)

Boys U15/16

1Pelham Panthers 116132181206141
2Lincoln STORM 1593350302030
3Pelham Panthers 21483358332527
4NOTL Rangers U16166194147-619
5Concord 145273643-717
6Niagara Falls Titans U16155193326716
7Port Colborne Storm U1614001410110-1000

24 - JOSHUA SCHOOLEY (Pelham Panthers 1)
3 - Cameron MACKAY-COTTON (Concord )
3 - Logan TOLDI (Lincoln STORM )
3 - Jakob MOODY (Niagara Falls Titans U16)
3 - JUSTIN ZACHARUK (Pelham Panthers 1)

Girls U13 Tier 1

1U13 Jets Red117313092124
2Welland Wizards Red117312671924
3Grimsby Griffins1170428141421
4NUSC Blue123181334-2110
5Niagara Falls Titans110110437-331

12 - Ella KRUSHELNICKI (Grimsby Griffins)
5 - Lauren JESIK (Welland Wizards Red)

Girls U13 Tier 2

1Pelham Panthers119114444028
2St. Catharines Roma Wolves118123892925
3U13 Jets Black Cobras117042520521
4West Lincoln Warriors11218441-377
5NUSC White120111643-371

18 - Taylor SMYTH (Pelham Panthers)
8 - Carly MALASCHENKO (Pelham Panthers)

Girls U14

1Niagara Falls Titans1313007767139
2St. Catharines Roma Wolves13100338182030
3Welland Wizards Red157173829922
4West Lincoln Warriors1532101536-2111
5Port Colborne Storm1401131089-791

13 - Breanna SMITH (Niagara Falls Titans)
8 - Julia COLAVECCHIA (Niagara Falls Titans)

Girls U15/16

1St. Catharines Roma Wolves U161410043492530
2St. Catharines Roma Wolves Silver1491426141228
3Niagara Falls Titans U16148152325-225
4Dunnville U16157173930922
5St. Catharines Roma Wolves Black156272823520
6Fort Erie Sting U16156272528-320
7Lincoln STORM U161511131359-464

16 - Julieanne BUIST (Dunnville U16)
16 - Jacklyn DEKKER (St. Catharines Roma Wolves Black)
7 - Alyssa MILANI (St. Catharines Roma Wolves U16)

Women Division 1

1Welland Legends1411213272535
2Welland Girls Got Game14102234142032
3Club Italia A.S. Juventus1483330191127
4West Lincoln Janco Steelers146353329421
5Lincoln STORM - Tom143561924-514
6Jets Red143472626013
7Ridgeway United144191825-713
8Lincoln STORM - Candace1402121058-482

17 - Alysha FONTAINE (Welland Girls Got Game)
5 - Stephanie TARDIF (Welland Legends)

Women Division 2

1West Lincoln Slammers1413014783939
2Welland Scavengers14111245113434
3Dunnville United14100432161630
4St Catharines Roma Wolves Sportchek1472534171723
5Pelham Panthers144281727-1014
6West Lincoln Eagles144192149-2813
7West Lincoln Warriors1430111346-339
8NOTL Rangers1410132055-353

11 - Briar HUNTER (West Lincoln Slammers)
8 - Morgan SCHILSTRA (West Lincoln Slammers)

Women Premier

1Welland Buckners Sports1412114764137
2West Lincoln Wolf Pack1412114764137
3Jets Vintage149053428627
4NUSC- First General1463526151121
5Lincoln STORM145272324-117
6Grimsby Wrath144192138-1713
8Grimsby Eclipse1401131275-631

12 - Robyn HORNYAK (Welland Buckners Sports)
9 - Kelly ZINKIEWICH (West Lincoln Wolf Pack)

Women Under 21

1Pelham Panthers1182147222526
2Jets Black128042227-524
3St. Catharines Roma Wolves115151818016
4Jets Red1201111636-201

24 - Viktoria VANZANTEN (Pelham Panthers)
3 - Olivia CIRILLO (Jets Black)

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